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Programme Performance and Standards


The following standards are used to support the quality assurance of the screening programme and facilitate benchmarking of the Northern Ireland programme against national standards.

  • KC53 – information sourced from the call and recall system via the NHAIS system.
  • KC61 – information on screening samples processed by the cytology laboratories. Data is sourced from the four screening laboratories via Cyres Statistical Analysis Software.
  • KC 65 – information gathered from colposcopy clinics via the Excelicare Colposcopy Management System.


Coverage is the measurement of participation in the cervical screening programme. It is defined as the percentage of women in the population who are eligible for screening at a given point in time, who were screened adequately within a specified period.

The Northern Ireland Cervical Screening Programme operates with two age appropriate screening intervals. Women aged 25 -49 are called for screening every three years, and women aged 50-64 are screened every 5 years.

NICSP Annual Performance reports: