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Programme Performance & Standards

Consolidated Standards

One of the main aims of quality assurance is to maintain the acceptable standards and continuously improve the performance of all aspects of breast screening in order to ensure that women have access to a high quality service wherever they reside.

The Northern Ireland Breast Screening Programme (NI BSP) follows the standards set by the national breast screening programme.  These standards provide a defined set of measures that providers have to meet to ensure local programmes are safe and effective.

For further information on the consolidated standards see Breast Screening Programme Standards. 

In April 2021 the consolidated standards were updated.


NI BSP Annual Reports

2017/2018 Annual Report – click  Here

If you require older reports please email the


Breast Screening Statistical Profile KC62 Returns

The NHS Breast Screening Programme Central Return Data Set (KC62) contains information on women invited for breast screening, the outcome of the breast screening  and further information on each cancer detected.  It is completed annually (for the financial year) by the breast screening units and submitted to the PHA at the beginning of October each year.   An annual statistical profile for the NI BSP is subsequently produced by the YPAS Team to demonstrate how the programme performs against key standards.

Statiscal Profile 2021 – 2023 click Here

Statistical Profile 2018-2021 – click  Here

Statistical Profile 2017-2020 – click  Here



Uptake Rates

The definition of uptake is the percentage of women who, having been sent an invitation for screening, attend a screening unit and undergo mammography in response to that invitation.

Uptake Rates Links (2016-2021) – click  Here


NHS Breast Screening Programme & Association of Breast Surgery (ABS) Audit of Screen Detected Breast Cancer

The NHS BSP & ABS Audit of Screen Detected Breast Cancer is undertaken annually to examine NHS Breast Screening Programme surgical activity.  The NI BSP participates in this audit. More information about the annual audit can be found on the Association of Breast Surgery website.


Regional Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction surveys are carried out locally by individual breast screening units.  In addition, a regional survey is carried out periodically by the YPAS Team to assess client satisfaction with the service and how it may be improved.  Click  Here  to view the survey.