Screening Matters - The Cancer Screening Programmes Newsletter from the PHA

Screening Matters is the newsletter produced by YPAST for the Health Professionals involved in the Northern Ireland cancer screening programmes.

New Edition

Issue 31: FIT testing for Bowel Cancer Screening

Previous editions available for download:

Issue 30 : Practice Protocol for Cervical Screening (Template)

Issue 29: Cervical Sample Taker Registration

Issue 28: Cervical Screening - pt 2

Issue 28 special edition - Cervical Screening - pt 1

Issue 28 special edition - Bowel & Breast Screening

Issue 27 - New Screening information videos

Issue 26 - Role of the Call/Recall Centre in Cervical Screening                                                                                           

Issue 25 - Higher Risk Women

Issue 24 - HPV Triage and Test of Cure

Issue 23 - Role of the Medical Physicist

To download further archive editions - please click on the link HERE for the Screening Matters archive

For further information regarding articles and/or archive issues please contact Mr Ken McInnes at Young Person and Adult Screening Team (YPAST)  in Belfast.