How to take the test


Take the Bowel Screening Test

Click on the picture to download the booklet

The kit has been designed to be used in the privacy of your own home, and involves three visits to the toilet over three different days. Then all you need to do is place the test kit in the specially provided envelope and post to the screening centre.

Once you have decided to start the kit it MUST be completed with samples from 3 bowel motions. You must complete ALL of the samples and post it within 10 days of taking the first sample.

Preparing the kit

  • Write the date and your name (do not use initials) on the first flap of the test kit
  • Take the kit and sticks with you to the toilet
  • Lift the first flap. You will see two small windows

Collecting the bowel motion

  • Decide how you will collect your bowel motion. Suggested ways include: folded toilet paper, your hand covered by a plastic bag or clean disposable container
  • It is important that the bowel motion does not come into contact with the toilet bowl or toilet water
  • Collect your bowel motion

Taking two samples from your bowel motion

  • Using one of the cardboard sticks, take a small sample of the bowel motion and spread thinly over the first window
  • Wrap the stick in toilet roll and dispose of in the bin
  • Using another cardboard stick, take a small sample from a different part of the bowel motion, and spread in the second window
  • Wrap this stick in toilet roll and dispose of in the bin
  • Dispose of the rest of the bowel motion down the toilet and dispose of the method used to catch the bowel motion appropriately

When you have finished

  • Once the samples are collected, fold down the flap
  • Wash and dry your hands
  • You can keep the kit in the bathroom as long as it is away from direct heat and direct sunlight

Collecting your second and third bowel motions

  • Using the same methods, collect samples from two more separate bowel motions. Each of these should be on different days
  • Please note that all three flaps should be completed within 10 days of completing the first flap

Returning the completed kit

  • Once completed put the kit in the freepost envelope, seal it, and put it in the post
  • Should the envelope become soiled contact the helpline for a replacement
  • You should receive your results within two weeks