Womens Resource and Development Agency Report


WRDA’s Breast, Cervical & Bowel Screening Project is a pioneering model demonstrating how a voluntary sector agency can work together with health professionals and local people to achieve improved levels of screening up-take, thereby contributing to improved health in the community, particularly in disadvantaged areas. 

Community Facilitators Programme

Women who put themselves forward for WRDA’s Community Facilitator programme tend to live in areas of economic, cultural and political disadvantage, areas which also have high rates of illness, high rates of unemployment and environmental decay.  Community Facilitators have a level of credibility and trust within communities, and are considered by participants on the awareness raising programmes to share the same life experiences as themselves.

Breast, Cervical & Bowel Screening Programme

This year we have added a bowel screening awareness session and the programme is delivered to women living in disadvantaged communities over three x 2 hour sessions. .  This model of awareness raising is very effective as it embeds a long-term awareness of breast awareness and the importance of breast, cervical and bowel screening. 

The end of year report from the Womens Resource & Development Agency is available here