Role of the Quality Assurance Reference Centre

  1. The QARC operates on several levels.  Ranging from supporting the Quality Assurance Directors and organisation of QA Visits to the various units covering the three screening programmes. Quality Standards
  2. To support the QA Directors in fulfilling their functions and role
  3. To maintain close liaison with and support key professionals within the cancer screening programmes
  4. To organise regular QA Visits within the cancer screening programmes
  5. To establish links and liaise with associated bodies, both regionally and nationally.  Eg: DHSSPSNI, NI Cancer Registry, NHS Cancer Screening Programmes
  6. To act as a focus for the collection, dissemination and storage of information, including audit data
  7. To organise, facilitate and follow up on regional QA meetings and their action points from minutes and reports
  8. To work with each cancer screening programme in the development of protocols and in addressing local QA as part of an integrated Quality Management System 

More specifically the QA Reference Centre undertakes the following tasks:-

  • Reviews and reports performance data against national standards.
  • Ensures responsibility for monitoring the implementation of change is delegated to the appropriate professional lead.
  • Monitors progress of screening and identify difficulties within local screening programmes.
  • Reviews satisfaction surveys.
  • Collects, monitors and reports on interval cancer data.
  • Disseminates performance information within agreed communication strategy.
  • Represents Northern Ireland at national QA Group meetings.
  • Arranges all relevant seminars, conferences and education/training days.
  • Maintains a library of relevant national and local publications, including all NHS Bowel Cancer Screening, Breast Cancer Screening and Cervical Screening documents.
  • Manages QA Budget.
  • Produces relevant newsletters and leaflets.